Bonnet Lovin'


It's no secret that I LOVE a sweet bonnet on a baby. My go-to brand is usually Beaufort Bonnet company, but I recently branched out and found a sweet etsy seller selling exactly what I wanted. Y'all, it's perfect! Her prices were wonderful and the quality is top-notch!

She puts gorgeous ties on the bonnets which allow you to tie a big beautiful bow, and even embroiders charming monograms on the back. I cannot say enough good about this little shop.

The shipping was much faster than I would have expected. I had the bonnet within days of ordering! She was communicative and more than willing to fix anything with the bonnet I needed. I'm completely hooked!

Check out Boo Bunny Bonnets on Etsy! I promise you won't be disappointed.

Liam is THREE!


Oh my LANTA. I feel like I was just writing my last letter to you, bud! I cannot believe you're turning three! Admittedly, I'm just glad you survived 2. ;) You were a WILD one. You tried to fully embody the term "terrible twos," but somehow still left us charmed with sweetness. You have SO MUCH personality. You love being the center of attention and never fail to make us laugh. You are the hardest kid in the world to punish with a straight face. I always have to turn my face so you don't see my attempts to stifle my laughter.

You've changed tons this year! Physically you look like a little boy now. You're taller than most kids your age and often get mistaken for someone much older! I'm sure you got that from your momma. ;) You finally started talking around 2.5 and have so much to say! You recently started putting together sentences and are constantly making us laugh with the new words you pick up.  You've finally been attempting to say the harder letters like "R" and "L" and even saying the beginning of your words. We always laughed when you would leave off half of a word. (Books were usually "ooks." Kate was "attttteeeeee.") It's so fun watching you learn!

We often catch you flipping quietly through books on your own. I hope you have a love for books as you grow! You LOVE singing and are almost always humming a tune. You know the words to "Jesus Loves Me," and I love hearing you singing it in your bed over the monitor. You've also memorized most of "How Far I'll Go" from Moana.

You potty trained yourself (in true Liam fashion) and even keep your big boy undies dry at night! That's quite a feat for a toddler boy!

Kate is your favorite person ever. You take your big brother role VERY seriously. You have been a great helper for me! She follows you around everywhere and adores you. Every time you (mostly purposely) knock her over you are sure to immediately say "SORRRRY KATIEEEEE!"

You ask almost daily to go on a "date" with me. My favorite newly acquired skill of yours is your ability to know exactly what coins you need as we go in certain stores: "A penny for the horse, please!" as we walk into Meijer; "A quarter for the ball, please!" at Old Navy. It cracks me up! You love Target. A boy after my own heart, for sure.

When you grow up you want to be "a pilot to fly to Mickey's house with Mommy." You also want to be a doctor and wear your doctor coat and carry around your briefcase to help at any of Kate's well-child visits. You always have the office staff laughing!

Liam, I love you SO much. In fact, I literally don't know if I could possibly love you more. You are incredible. You're silly, sweet, and helpful. I'm so proud of you, buddy. I'm so thankful you're my boy. Jesus gave us the perfect child for our family. We praise him for giving us you!

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