Ikea Table Hack


The search for a kids table I liked seemed impossible. Everything was either obnoxiously colored, or outrageously expensive. I finally came across THIS blog on Pinterest and decided it was the route to take!

The IKEA Latt table is under $25! So affordable and easy to justify.

I painted our table with white chalk paint from Hobby Lobby. I stopped at Lowe's and grabbed a 18x24 plexiglass sheet. They will cut it down to size for you for free! I had them cut it to 23 3/8" by 17 3/8". Because the table has squared corners We had to make little cuts with wire cutters on the corners when we got home for it to fit flush.

I cut a piece of wrapping paper (from Target!) to size and set it underneath the plexiglass. I plan on changing it out for different holidays. I would recommend spraying the wrapping paper with Mod Podge Spray to help repel water leaks.

I LOVE how it turned out. It's such a fun addition to our house!

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